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Fully-rugged  |  Toughbook Computers

Your business is tough. That's why Panasonic built a laptop that can handle just about anything you throw at it. These Toughbook computers are manufactured to endure 3-foot drops and to withstand violent shocks and vibrations. They are fabricated to operate at temperatures over 140 and below -20 Fahrenheit and function both at high altitude and under increased atmospheric pressure. The Fully-rugged Toughbook line includes the 13.1" Toughbook 31 and 10.4" Tablet Toughbook 19.

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Toughbook 19

Toughbook 19

A blend of in-the-field flexibility and proven durability, the 10.4" Toughbook 19 transforms easily from a laptop to a handwriting-friendly tablet PC.

Starts at $3,374.00

Toughbook 31

Toughbook 31

Panasonic presents the Toughbook 31, the reliable laptop offering the highest performance in its class along with the world's most rugged design.

Starts at $3,514.00